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Research Work and Studies
on the Location of the First and Second Jewish Temples

by Tuvia Sagiv

1. The Hidden Secrets of the Temple Mount

Report describes a three-dimensional system to find the assumed location of the Holy of Holies of the ancient Jewish Temples in Jerusalem. 79 pages, 33 illustrations.

$15.00 (US)

2. The Temples on Mount Moriah

Further research on the location of the First and Second Temples which shows that the Moriah Court, the Al-Aksa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock are the remains of Aelia Capitolia - Hadrian's building project, not Herod the Great's. 59 pages. 35 illustrations.

$15.00 (US)

3. Penetrating Insights Into the Temple Mount

The Rock under the Dome of the Rock was the site of an ancient altar to Ashtoreth, the Phoenician Goddess. This report shows how thermal Infrared imaging methods provide new archaeological data which correlates well with historical literature and Biblical sources.

$15.00 (US)

4. The Hidden Secrets of the Temple Mount - Video Tape

17 minute color, narrated video tape showing visually the three-dimensional system used to locate the First and Second Temple site under the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

$25.00 (US)

5. A Set of Two Color Posters (see above)

These beautiful colorful posters (suitable for framing) clarify the assumed location of the Jewish Temples based on the current research. Approximately 19 x 27 inches. Set of 2 posters.

$15.00 (US)


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September 4, 2000.