I have corresponded with Norma Robertson since 2000. Her web site presents the latest and best update I have seen so far. She is very discerning and has the latest data base of anyone I know concerning the temple location.

Norma is our new Editor. Please email her with your questions and comments. Norma also critiques the many new proposed models. Lately we find many are not well researched. She and I will work together in answering your questions and comments.

There are many popular ideas circulating these days which suggest locations for the First and Second Jewish Temples that are spurious unsound, historically and archaeologically. We aim to be religiously neutral but careful not to jump on band wagons that may but don't hold up under scrutiny. Please feel free to contact Norma. (Lambert Dolphin May 2018)

Norma Robertson, (

Updated May 26, 2018.