Fig. 24. The Ancient Moat

The Moat: The Ancient Moat exists today between the Dome of the Rock and The El Omariah school. Though filled in with dirt and planted as a garden, the location of this moat is just North of the edge of the paved Platform. According to the conventional theories, the El Omariah school is the site of the Antonia Fortress. Therefore the Moat would have been located between the Temple and the Antonia Fortress. However, according to the literary sources, the Moat was located to the North of the Antonia Fortress! If this moat is indeed the moat mentioned in the historical sources, the Antonia Fortress should be situated South of this moat. The logical location for a defensive moat protecting the Northern approach to Fortress Antonia and the City, would be immediately to the North of Antonia.